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Greek Breakfast

Our main aim is to offer products of the highest quality, choosing the purest and freshest ingredients for your breakfast! We are also quite passionate about buying local produce, showcasing the richness of our island on your table.

You can find homemade cakes, apple pie, chocolate pie, fruit salad, omelette, potato pie and more seasonal delicacies such as rice pudding, “halva” (semolina pudding) and “sfougato”, a local traditional pie with zucchini, on our buffet table. Everything is prepared daily on site by us. We take great pride in our homemade jams which we make ourselves with extra care and love in order to minimise processed foods and offer an authentic taste to our guests.

Other local products we offer include local honey from the Beekeepers Cooperative of Lesvos, feta cheese and oil-cheese from Agra village, rusks from Filia village, local eggs, fruit and vegetables, and not to mention olives from our own olive groves. In the winter months we serve our own produce of mandarines and oranges. It is a truly field-to-table experience!   

Don't forget to help yourself to our range of charcuterie (cold cuts) and cheese, butter, milk, yogurt and “anthotiro” (greek cream cheese in summer time), cereals, bread (white and wholewheat), “tahini” (sesame seeds pulp), compote and dried fruits. Of course it wouldn't be breakfast without a serving of something to drink. Coffee, different flavors of tea, milk and juices would be perfect for you.