Lesvion Hygiene Protocol

                After the quarantine period, we are back with the well-known features of our business: cooperation, cleanliness, politeness, quality, service, smile. With respect to all of you, we take care of your safety and hygiene, therefore we have created a new framework of operation, for which we ask for your help.

                In our effort to make you feel safe, but not strangers, we keep the safety distances from the other guests and the staff, while we try to wash our hands regularly. The staff of the hotel checks its temperature before taking up duties and have self test every week. In all public spaces of the hotel there are sanitation spaces and disposable gloves, while a protective mask and a thermometer may be provided, upon request.

                In case you feel unwell, do not hesitate to inform the staff of the hotel, who will inform the approved physician.

                Upon arrival you complete a contact form with your details for your fastest service. Our breakfast is served in our buffet, where you can use disposable gloves and mask for serving, while there is also the option for “room service” or “take away”.

                Our staff will disinfect the keycards, the air conditioner and TV controls that you will get from the reception. We have certificates issued by our colleagues regarding the laundry of clothes and the maintenance of the air conditioners. In case you do not wish to use air conditioning, you may ask the staff of the hotel to provide you a fan.

                The cleaning service will visit your room daily unless you use the “do not disturb” sign. Upon departure, thorough cleaning and disinfection of each room will be carried out to ensure the rooms are perfectly clean and fresh.

                The check-in (13.00) and check-out (11.00) hours have changed, due  to this situation, so as to ensure better cleaning and ventilation of the rooms. Finally, we would like to inform you that no visitors are allowed in the rooms by non-residents of the hotel.

So, we are open, and we are waiting for you, friendly and responsibly.



Best regards,

Akis Argyropoulos

Lesvion Hotel Manager